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District Sovereignty

Each District is responsible for the choice of the language used in its declarations and documents and the design of its graphical identifiers, however, the information found on this website along with The New Zealand Common Law Court and The Sovereign District of Mahurangi’s website may be freely copied as a template.

Road Map to District Sovereignty

  1. Gather a group of at least thirteen (13) local residents in the District.
  2. Request a case be raised by the New Zealand Common Law Court. Submit a document by email to contact @  following the format of Case C22-0002 on that website.
  3. Find an area of land that is still designated as “The Queens Chain” (now the Kings Chain). That is an area of foreshore, riverbank or lakeside that is 22 yards (20 metres) from the Mean High Water mark. That land is the property of the people of the country and no one can lawfully force you to leave that land.
  4. Hold a Common Law Court on the Kings Chain. (Remember, our sovereignty on the land is irrevocably assured by the He Wakaputanga, which is the declaration accompanying the United Tribes flag). Alternatively. On a small parcel of land that is privately owned, completely free of any liens, covenants, loans, mortgages or any other form of debt, and of which the owner is prepared to cede into a Trust Deed upon the formation of a Sovereign District.
    One person of the 13 above will be the complainant on the case at item 2. That case is read to the Jury by the Complainant who must by unanimous verdict uphold the accusation and agree to the remedy.
    The Jury will also elect one person to be the Interim Governor (IG) with a mandate to implement the remedy.
  5. The IG will appoint several people to be the Interim District Council. The number is up to the District but each person should have a portfolio that he/she will manage.
  6. The council will prepare a Express Trust document that places the natural resources and material goods and any assets into that trust for the management by the Council.
  7. Once the council is in operation public meetings should be held where the voice of the people is paramount.
  8. The Council is to undertake a series of duties which are stated in the Remedy to the Common Law Case.
  9. The people are then canvassed to support the declaration of Sovereignty. The District website should have a simple attestation form.
  10. Implement “The People’s Jurisdiction” in the District.
  11. From the address information provided when signing up as a supporter identify the Meshblock the supporter live in and provide that information to the supporter along with the exhortation to make a Family Group with two of his neighbours such that there is 10-15 individuals of the age of eighteen or above. That group will then elect a leader.

Meshblocks may be found at

  1. The Family groups then encourage their neighbours to also form groups within the same Meshblock up to a maximum of ten groups. Some groups may be larger than others, but the point is that each Meshblock builds ten groups and every individual living within the meshblock are in one of the groups. You then have a Hundred, which has for centuries been the smallest governance/voting block unit for local organisation.
  2. Once you have at least five groups the people in that Meshblock will select one of the leaders to be the leader of the Hundred. As this grows, and more Meshblocks organise themselves into Hundreds, with their leaders, the other levels in The People’s Jurisdiction can be filled.
  3. Once a District attains a level of 3.5% of the population over the age of eighteen then this movement becomes unstoppable.

From the BBC:

“Looking at hundreds of campaigns over the last century, Chenoweth found that nonviolent campaigns are twice as likely to achieve their goals as violent campaigns. And although the exact dynamics will depend on many factors, she has shown it takes around 3.5% of the population actively participating in the protests to ensure serious political change.”

For the full article:

Therefore, once The Peoples Jurisdiction reaches 5% of the population over the age of eighteen living in the District, then the whole interim Council and the Interim Governor will resign and local elections by the recorded membership of the District to elect a new Council and Governor, who will continue the work to bring the rest of the residents into the non-political Sovereign District.

Please read “The People’s Jurisdiction” on this website.


What does ‘Sovereign’ mean?

The meaning and usage of the word ‘Sovereign’ as understood by people living at the time of the writing of the Declaration of Independence and the Treaty of Waitangi.

Mahurangi District Council Portfolios

Example of portfolios for Council members.