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Republic of New Zealand

With the official passing of Her Majesty the Queen it is now an appropriate time to discuss the transition of the Realm of New Zealand to the
Republic of New Zealand.


The transition to a Republic of New Zealand is already underway, with the numerous groups that have sprung up around New Zealand advocating the sovereignty of the land of New Zealand according to the 1835 declaration of Independence, the He Wakaputanga.

The transition has begun in one district that has declared itself out of the Corporate system, in which the Corporation known as the New Zealand government is falsely laying claim to the allegiance and obedience of the people of New Zealand.

It is a maxim in law that a Government cannot be a Corporation and a Corporation cannot Govern. That is why the word ‘government’ in the preceding sentence does not have a capital letter. They are not lawfully entitled to be the Government. As a Corporation they have to operate under the laws of contract and require the consent of the people of New Zealand to govern. They also require a written contract signed in wet ink that each individual consents to be governed by the Corporation and will obey all the corporate policies they introduce as Acts, Regulations, Statutes, Mandates, Directives, Policies etc.

Has anyone in New Zealand ever signed such a contract?
If not, then none of the government’s legislation applies to you. If this is the first you’ve heard of this then you need to rebut the presumption of consent (doing nothing is implied consent), by establishing yourself as the Living Man or Woman. See the New Zealand Common Law Court of Justice.

So, now is a opportune time to change our governance. The Westminster parliamentary system is broken beyond repair. The Queen has passed on, having kept her realm and the Commonwealth together throughout her reign. Prince Charles may ascend to the Throne but there is much that may affect that.

New Zealand’s ties with Britain will not disappear because our Common Law is firmly rooted in the English and Scottish body of law that made up the whole of English Common Law. This link was established in New Zealand by the 1835 Declaration of Independence. So, we will be referring to the case law generated in Britain for generations to come.

But! We definitely need an new, equitable, accountable system of governance that is driven by the people, not just once every three years with a vote, but day by day as the people instruct their representatives.

That system of Governance is defined on this website under the Menu Item “The People’s Jurisdiction“.

The people of the northern part of Rodney District have already declared their separation from the Corporate government system and reverted to the historic name for the area in forming the Mahurangi District Council, as a Common Law entity. (See website

One thing we MUST NOT do is allow the corporate government to control the development of our Republic. Once we get to be a popular movement the politicians will jump on the band wagon and offer to hold a Royal Commission or something similar to design and implement ‘The Republic’. If we allow that to happen we will get a political system as bad as the one we are replacing.

We need the people of New Zealand to lead this discussion and collaboration is needed to establish the Constitution and define the shape of our new Republic.
If you want to participate then please subscribe to this website.

If you have a real desire to be instrumental in the formation of our new Republic and you have a good knowledge of history (NZ or UK), or Common Law judicial processes, or extensive life experience in any relevant aspect then please sign up to be a co-author of the New Zealand Constitution.