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Sovereign Declaration Process

This document sets out the process to extract the People of New Zealand,
District by District, from the unlawful imposition of corporate laws
policies, to the Common Law given by God
at conception to every individual.

In order to move from one jurisdiction to another, the legal basis for the new jurisdiction must be established and inarguable in law.
There are natural rights given by the Creator God to every individual conceived, carried, and born of woman. Common Law has its foundation in Biblical laws and is built upon by the Magna Carta, the 1688 Bill of Rights, and judicial precedent established in the British courts. (See note 1)

Also, the Maori people of New Zealand who were signatories to the 1835 Declaration of Independence, the He Whakaputanga, have customs and laws within their own community that are now included in the body of New Zealand Common Law.

It is this 1835 Declaration that gives us all the legal right to extract ourselves from the present Maritime Law jurisdiction being implemented by a corporation (See note 2).

Step 1.

Publish a declaration for a district that decertifies the jurisdiction of the current governmental system and declares the area of the declaration as being under the new, better jurisdiction. That is the 1835 Declaration of Independence and with it the supremacy of British Common Law and National Sovereignty.

Step 2.

Obtain the attestation to the declaration by at least 1% of the voting age residents in the district.

Step 3.

With 1% attestation obtained, locate from among the attesters one person to become the Interim District Governor.

Step 4.

The Interim District Governor shall.

  • Plan promotion of the declaration with the aim of obtaining attestation from at least 5 % of the voting population.
  • Start the implementation of the system of governance “The People’s Jurisdiction” by the organisation of the first level of governance, the “Family Leader” (See Note 3).
  • Find an honest and ethical person to become the Acting Sheriff until an election can be held. That person shall then recruit suitable persons to be deputies with the sole mandate to keep the peace and prevent harm. These people are not enforcement officers their job is to Protect and Serve the public, but they will have authority to act.
  • As the People’s Jurisdiction grows the Acting Governor shall implement other public offices as outlined in the Peoples Jurisdiction document.
Step 5.

Once the support for the Peoples Jurisdiction reaches the level where a leader of 10,000 can be elected then that person will stand in the elections as the member of parliament candidate for  that district.
There is no manifesto that this candidate has to promote, his foundation will be the new constitution.
Step 1 is the starting point. Once we get to step 2 the People’s Jurisdiction governance organisation is implemented then the people will have both the process and the constitution to use in deciding to join.
By joining a person is agreeing to the constitution and to the election of the candidate that is selected according to the People’s Jurisdiction process.

Step 6.

Continue the promotion of the District Declarations and implement The People’s Jurisdiction in each new district until the whole country is under the sovereign jurisdiction of our Common Law and government by the people.


Note 1.
Provided that any judicial precedent in British Law that originated out of an argument based on any foreign legal system (e.g. Roman Law, United Nations, European Union) is not recognised as having authority under New Zealand Common Law. 

Note 2.
US Securities and Exchange Commission, foreign government filings:
The last complete filing can be found at:

Note 3.
This is the starting point to grow towards the adoption of a Constitution and an elected District Governor as well as Candidates for Members of Parliament and other community offices.
The long title to this document is:
“Definition of a Constitutional Vehicle for the Good and Proper Governance of the Nation of New Zealand by the People of New Zealand”.
This document defines the organisation of a Jurisdiction by the people which is incorruptible and fully accountable driven from the Family level up.
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