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The New Zealand Constitution
The People’s Jurisdiction

I started the New Zealand Constitution last year, because the awful situation in our country cannot be solved with short term actions that do not target the underlying problem. To solve this problem we need to be looking years down track.
But I know that the free, self-governing society we aspire to will not happen unless we are all working towards it now.

There are quite a few small local groups gathered for various reasons around things like community gardens, events, arts, markets and many others, and this is great, it is what we need at that level of community involvement.
But we must realise, as all fledgling communities and early settlers knew, that we have to also put in place a form of governance for both the small local communities and the wider interests of the district and nation in which they live.

I am sure we all realise by now that the Westminster parliamentary system, which is called our government, is corrupt beyond redemption, as are many of the Councils that govern our districts.
We can’t fix it, so don’t even try.
But, we can’t just walk away from the system saying “ I am a free person and that’s all I need”.
No, anyone that does that is alone and easy pickings for our adversaries.
We HAVE to build a community that is under a recognisable jurisdiction, and first and foremost is large enough to effectively protect the more vulnerable amongst us.
Whatever we establish has to be robust enough to withstand an onslaught from the powers that be. Everyone in a district must be able to call on everyone else, within and outside their own small community, in order to survive through this dark period in our history.

So, I looked at Common Law and learned about The Declaration of Independence (He Wakaputanga). I read constitutions that have been written in the last year or so and talked with common law groups and others. But I found that they were either single issue groups or advancing an agenda that reflected only a certain sector of New Zealand society. I did not find a New Zealand wide system of governance applicable to every free citizen.

There was a system designed and implemented thousands of years ago. It was still in effect in many northern European countries throughout the middle ages, until around the seventeenth century when the Corporations took control of the legal system and imposed their laws upon the common people.
So, I remodelled that system into a system of governance which I called “The People’s Jurisdiction”.
The long title is;
“Definition of a Constitutional Vehicle for the Good and Proper Governance for the Nation of New Zealand by the People of New Zealand”

Based on the family unit, God’s Law and Common Law it is accountable and incorruptible. There are no career politicians and everyone in authority is held responsible by the building blocks, which are the families and small communities the people are building now.
The structure needs a constitution that is collectively written in simple language but robust in its interpretation. It must be inclusive of all New Zealanders and available for all to comment on before it is called finished.
There was no road map for establishing a jurisdiction, so we devised our own and determined to lead the way hoping other districts will follow.

So, what did we do?

Firstly we published the Mahurangi Declaration which lawfully ceded the district from the corporate government system (published 30th November 2021).
Then, seeing that New Zealand had no Common Law Court and people were going to the UK or Canada for the indictments, we formed The New Zealand Common Law Court of Justice.
Once that was formed we held a Common Law Court session and appointed an Interim Governor for the Mahurangi District.

We are now in the process of;

  • Promoting the People’s Jurisdiction.
  • Calling for people with relevant knowledge and expertise to Co-Author the Constitution (15 replies so far from all over New Zealand).
  • Encouraging local support through Declaration attestations and subscriptions on the website.
  • Appointing a Judge to run the common law court.
  • Establishing a voluntary tithing system to fund the district.
  • Appointing a Sheriff and Deputies.
  • Giving seminars on the higher Laws to promote understanding of our rights and freedoms.
  • Encouraging and supporting local community activities.
  • Creating a natural health collective in Warkworth.
  • Registering qualified natural healers to practise under the Mahurangi District’s authority.
  • Creating a registration option for conveyances.
  • Creating and issuing conveyance operators licences.
  • Establishing an exchange system to be ready in case of financial collapse.

Ten other districts have asked for Declarations, the names are on the website, however, they are at this time greyed out because they are not yet active. As soon as they start to follow our lead they will be afforded space on the website and a Governor’s Blog page to keep their community informed.
For more information please follow the links below.

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Alexander: of the family Knox
Interim District Governor.
Mahurangi District.